Compassionate Reprieve

Is a release from prison for a few hours or a few days to allow an inmate to visit a critically or terminally ill member of his immediate family, to visit an immediate family member undergoing a critical operation, to attend the funeral of a member of his immediate family, or for other reasons the board deems appropriate.

Funerals are a fundamental component of cultural and religious mourning systems.  They facilitate the offering of social and psychological support to the bereaved, and afford an opportunity to convey love and respect for the deceased (O‚ÄôRourke et al., 2011). It is consequently possible that being unable to participate in funerals, rituals, and ceremonies will have a detrimental effect on the bereaved, affecting their mental health and ability to cope with or process their grief.


Rolando is an innovative leader combining technology expertise with a deep understanding of the emotional aspects of grief and loss. He is recognized for his work in providing funeral streaming services for inmates, demonstrating a commitment to bridging emotional distances and supporting rehabilitation and healing. His leadership reflects a blend of technical proficiency and empathy, highlighting his dedication to making a positive community impact.


Rolando’s experience is distinguished by his unique integration of technology and compassionate service in the death care industry. He has developed innovative processes for streaming funeral services, particularly for inmates, demonstrating his ability to empathetically address sensitive emotional needs through technological solutions. His background as a technologist is augmented by his deep understanding of grief’s impact, positioning him as a leader who not only addresses practical requirements but also profoundly understands the human elements involved in his field.


Rolando exhibits remarkable fortitude, which is evident in his dedication to providing compassionate services in challenging environments. His perseverance in bridging the gap between technology and emotional support, especially in the context of streaming funeral services for inmates, showcases his resilience and commitment to making a meaningful impact. This strength of character is pivotal in navigating the complexities and sensitivities inherent in his work.

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